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Talk to your social media manager BEFORE you create the content you want them to post. Invite them to the meetings. Tell them your goals. Ask them questions. Listen to their thoughts. Build with them. Their job is to help craft content that works on social, not just hit send.

Fleets are like hamburgers at Taco Bell. Reels are like pizza a McDonalds. Facebook Stories are like tacos at Pizza Hut. No one wants that. We use different platforms for different things and that's okay.

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Have you been venturing out? is open by reservation & it’s easy to enjoy their craft beers at a distance from others 🍻 #Austin #austinbeer #centralmachineworks

Black lives matter. I can’t believe I have to fight clients to get this message posted. I know a lot of you have been fighting for these injustices your entire lives. So much respect & love. I will continue to listen, learn & work. #blackouttuesday

At least I have a #workfromhome buddy! If you don’t- now is the time! @austinpetsalive and @austinanimalcenter need fosters. Four legged coworkers are kinda my favorite 😸 @dandypet #socialdistancing

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Thanks Tim Scott for interviewing me for your The University of Texas at Austin class! I had a blast discussing nonprofit social media strategies with my former classmate. #hookem🤘

Got this Facebook notification today. Pretty amazing! Don’t sleep on the donate button if you’re a nonprofit. Facebook doesn’t take fees and is a great tool to use for #fundraising!