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If you’re getting restaurant food delivered from a third-party vendor, consider ordering from the restaurant itself. And if they don’t deliver, go pick up the food yourself. More money for them, fewer hands on your packaging, curbside pickup. And what else do you have to do?

Food workers. Grocery clerks. Cashiers. Delivery drivers. Warehouse stockers. They were never “unskilled workers.” They were always essential. And it’s WAY past time they got the respect they deserve w/ a living wage, paid sick leave, guaranteed healthcare, hazard pay, & more.

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At least I have a #workfromhome buddy! If you don’t- now is the time! @austinpetsalive and @austinanimalcenter need fosters. Four legged coworkers are kinda my favorite 😸 @dandypet #socialdistancing

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Nina Berenato Jewelry

Our community is taking a hit with the cancelation of SXSW. We would like to do our part to help lift up any local women who had planned a panel with other local women. You can hold your panel at my store for free at the same time slot. We will record it and post it as an IG live for our followers to view. Email me at to coordinate. It might not be as "COOL" as SXSW, but we can make it our own cool!! Chins up. Let's make some local magic ladies!!!

This is an awesome opportunity! I’m consistently impressed by Nina Berenato Jewelry for lifting up other women in the Austin community.